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Whether it's a 1st birthday or a sweet 16, lucky number 7 or the second time at 39, The Backyard is Saskatoon's home for awesome birthdays!

Family Moments


"Hosted my sons' 5th birthday here and it was a breeze. They take care of EVVERRYTHING! As soon as we walked in the door, they knew my son. There was a young guy who organized the whole party, he explained to the kids the rules, wouldn't let me clean anything and made sure my son felt special. 

We will do more birthdays here!"

—  Laura


BYOB - Bring Your Own Bubble!

When you book a party with The Backyard you get exclusive access to a private party space filled with 3 inflatables and plenty of seating. We provide space for your family's personal bubble to celebrate together while maintaining appropriate distancing.
The Backyard is the perfect location for any party or celebration, including birthdays (& half birthdays too), bar & bat mitzvahs, graduations & farewells, team windups, stag & stagettes, holiday parties, team building events, corporate get togethers, retirements, thank you and appreciation nights, welcome home and going away gatherings, really it can be any special milestone or no reason at all - you don't necessarily need an excuse to come and have fun at The Backyard.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring/do?

Aside from choosing a date and making sure your guests have all completed their waivers ahead of time, we will pretty much take care of the rest! Bring your cake, gifts and get ready for a good time!

How many people can we have at the party?

The base price for the Kids Party includes up to 8 children and 15 adults. Additional children are $20 each, additional adults are $5 each. There is no charge for infants under the age of 1.

Can we bring our own food?

You are welcome to bring in your own cake/cupcakes and water bottles. New! If you would like to bring in your own food - you may pay our outside food fee ($50). This will allow you to bring in your own food. No outside food or drink is permitted with the exception of cake and water bottles without the outside food fee.

What are the COVID-19 Protocols in place?

The Backyard is committed to following all government regulations and public health guidelines including physical distancing, frequent handwashing and hand sanitizing, avoiding touching your face, not sharing food or drinks, sneezing or coughing into your elbow and staying home if you are feeling ill. As of July 11th, 2021 masking is optional for staff and guests. We have a robust cleaning procedure which includes sanitizing the entire party space in between each event using hospital grade disinfectant to ensure you have a clean, safe space for your event.

How much time do we have?

Parties are 2.5hrs long. You will have access to the inflatables for the first 2hrs of your party. The inflatables will be closed for the last 30 minutes for cleaning. This will be a great time to do cake and presents in your private party room. Please do not show up early as you will not be allowed entry until just prior to your party's start time.

How many inflatables will there be able to play on?

We will have 4-6 inflatables set up. The set up of inflatables may vary from week to week. We choose the inflatables to maximize the fun for kids ages 12 and under.

Do you provide plates, forks, etc?

We will provide plates, cups, forks and knives for your party as well as napkins. We provide all reusable dinnerware at The Backyard in an effort to decrease the amount of waste we produce. As a result we also ask that you help us ensure all compostables and/or recyclables make their way into the correct bins.

Can we bring our own decorations?

You are welcome to bring in some table decorations. We do not permit items to be hung from the walls or taped/stuck to the tables.

Can we arrive early to set up?

Please do not arrive early. We will be cleaning and sanitizing the inflatables with hospital-grade disinfectant between each booking and we need this time to thoroughly clean the space. If you arrive early, please wait in your vehicles or away from the door to avoid congestion until your scheduled party time.

Are you fully accessible?

Yes we are! We have electric doors, large accesible washrooms, and party spaces are all on one level.

Can we bring presents?

Yes you can! If you need any assistance carrying presents to or from your vehicle, please let your Backyard Party Host or one of our friendly staff members know!

Can we order extra food?

Yes! We can order additional pizzas for $30 each (deluxe pizzas are $35) and hotdogs are $4.05 each. We also have slushies, specialty coffees and other assorted items.

Can I set up a tab at the concession?

Yes - if you would like to do this please advise your Backyard Party Host. You will be provided with complimentary drip coffee but additional food/beverages can be added to your tab. Tabs must be paid in full at the conclusion of the event.

Can adults go on the inflatables too?

Adults are welcome to go on the inflatables to assist younger children. Adults wishing to go on the inflatables will need to purchase a pair of grippy socks.

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